In order to ensure that students enter ILA at a level best fitting their current academic needs, every new student is required to complete a placement exam prior to receiving an admissions decision. These exams are specifically designed to assess the student’s academic capabilities in Math and English, but an optional Arabic section is also offered for our students. By taking the time to have your child complete our grade-specific placement exams, you are enabling the counselors at the school to provide an education that caters to the needs of your child.

Placement exams take approximately one hour and fifteen minutes to complete and are immediately graded and evaluated. Language exams (Arabic and French) are primarily used to evaluate a student’s proficiency level and placement in specific language courses once admitted to ILA. Additional placement exams might be required for students with special educational needs.


Standardized Testing Programs


To hold ourselves accountable to high educational standards, ILA measures student learning on a consistent basis. In addition to curriculum based assessments such as end of unit tests and project based learning, student learning is measured through the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) tests .Results on these standardized assessments are shared with parents.