Childhood is an important level of Education and its properties. The International Leaders Academy Kindergarten has been keen to provide a safe and appropriate environment to invest children's energies and develop their skills and abilities that parents can enroll their children in the foreign (international) program system in addition to the national program. The department of KG applies foreign curricula and programs and provides a qualified educational cadre with experience.

The department of KG provides all facilities to support the achievement of the educational outcomes and meet the national and international programs’ requirements. Also, it depends on learning through play as interactive teaching methodology.

As a team work, we develop the students’ leadership skills, enhancing their self-confidence, developing their personalities and highlighting their positive qualities also we rise up the Islamic identity through different methods such as memorizing, reciting Quran Verses. In addition we present educational entertaining activities which includes French language ,music ,computers ,sports ,swimming ,competition ,national and religious events and other outdoors activity .