ILA supports high level of educational and health services for both students and employees.

The school is provided with decently   equipped clinics under the supervision of well qualified doctor and a dentist.

Some of the services that the school  clinic offers :

1-Providing first aid, daily medical treatment and transferring serious energy to hospitals and specials .

2-Following up on regular medical and dental examination twice a year in addition to sending parents any notes on any updates.

3-Providing both students and employees sick leaves when needed.

4-Monitoring health conditions of students and employees through medical record provided at the clinics .

5-Providing the necessary vaccinations for students according to the approval of the Ministry of Health .

6-Promote health education and awareness of safety and appropriate nutrition by conducting lectures .

7-Monitoring the existence of a  safe environment by conducting inspections and monitoring for the cafeteria ,toilets  and water sources.


Health Awareness: one of the major roles of the school clinics is to  provide  health awareness in different  fields such as body health and healthy food .


Health insurance: The school provides  the best health care services through one of the most instinct  Islamic health insurance .